Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Katy Perry recreates one of the most iconic moment in denim history.

Remember this?

Yep! Britney and Justin in matching denim at the 2001 American Music Awards. #iconic #justinbritney5evah a.k.a. The most iconic moment in denim history.

Well, this happened last Sunday at the VMAs.
Katy Perry and a rapper named Riff Raff (yes, first time I heard of him too) wore matching denim. No, they are not in a relationship. And yes, they are wearing Versace.

So who did it better? Sorry Katy, I'm still for Godney as I am blessed with the Holy Spearit. :D

Photo credits: usmagazine.com

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Will the real Saint Laurent please stand up?

So I'm sure you know this, but there are 2 Saint Laurent biopics being released this year, one approved by Pierre Barge, YSL's partner and one not.

Let's go with the approved one, this one has access to YSL archives so expect camera shots of the dresses. The story is more of Yves's journey to stardom. It stars Guillaume Galienne as Yves Saint Laurent. Check out the trailer below.

 The next one is the unapproved one which is where I'm more excited. Haha! Basically, the hunky Gaspard Ulliel (face of Bleu de Chanel) will be Saint Laurent. I need a naked Gaspard in my life. LOLZ. But the casting is great. Lea Seydoux and mode Aymeline Velade are in the film as well. Nice! Watch the trailer and you'll see why Pierre disapproved of this one. :P

Monday, July 28, 2014

Them Celebrity Lifestyle Bloggers

So, after word got out of Blake Lively's new lifestyle brand, everyone was like, What The Goop? As you know, Gwyneth started it with Goop in 2008 and is now one of the biggest lifestyle brands.

I love Goop. People think it's pretentious but don't we all want the high life and Gwyneth is sharing it with us. Read her posts and watch her interviews, I don't see a change in tone. Basically, she grew up rich. Obviously, she's accustomed to the rich life unlike us who has to work for a living. I like Gwyneth. And that "consciously uncoupling" was smart. Now, everyone is relating that phrase to Gwyneth. Love her or hate her, Goop is here to stay and is the one to beat.

Martha Stewart actually was one of the pioneers but I'm not a craftsy guy so I don't pay attention to it. :)

Another blog/website lifestyle site I read is oliviapalermo.com. I love Olivia Palermo so I love this site. I love her outfit posts and I want her closet and her husband. LOLZ. What's great about Olivia is now she has her own collabs with Westward Leaning and Aquazurra.

Here are 2 other sites, What the Chung by Jamie Chung and Tomboy KC by Kate Cassidy. It's nice to know D-listers also are hopping on this train. Eeeek! Sorry. I love their styles though. :D

Let's go to Blake's site. I get where she's going. It's just that there are 3 problems:
1. THE NAME: Preserve? Really? I think it's too trying hard to be eloquent or deep.
2. THE URL: Preserve.us? You will get more followers if you have a dot com site which is why you don't use the word Preserve.
3. THE LAYOUT: It looks dark. It's not inviting. Change it please. :)

I love the articles, though. They are well written. :)

Oh yeah, Reese Witherspoon will launch one too by 2015 named Draper James. It is her version of Goop. I don't know if I see Reese a style icon. At least Gwyneth had some great fashion moments. But Reese? I don't know. I'm sure she won't write the articles so I hope there are great and affordable selections there.

Trying out them Birks

Let's get this straight, I really detested Birkenstocks. I saw them on someone when I was college and I was like "ewww..." and now they're here and everywhere. I would never try them. Sorry.

But then, Miranda Kerr styled them like this.
And now I wanna try it. I found a cheap replica pair online. And they're in denim. PERFECT! :)

Can't wait to show them. Beware for I have ugly toes. LOLZ!

Something to ponder

Here ya go. My answer to this is YAAASSSS.... hahahaha


Hi guys.

Sorry I haven't been updating. Don't worry, I'll try my best. Basically, it's work matters. :D

I swear, I'll update it. The direction for this blog is gonna be more Hollywood celeb obsession than ever. More outfit ID's and some gossip and FASHION FASHION FASHION!

Night my dears! ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blake Lively is back with a vengeance!

Blake Lively took time off the spotlight and her stylish run on the red carpet to become a wife to fellow sexy hottie Ryan Reynolds and now she is back!

After a jaw dropping look at the MET Gala, she left us craving for more so she served up eleganza extravaganza at the Cannes Film Festival. She was there for 2 reasons: to support husband Ryan on his film and to represent L'Oreal being one of the brand ambassadors. Let's see her looks.

 Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere - Gucci and Blake is a perfect combination. Gucci is known for sexy and Blake can serve sexy and class. Gucci needs that. Anyways, I feel like I've seen this gown before. It looks formulaic but the styling saved it. Blake is just starting.
Blake Lively in Chanel Couture - This was my least favourite but that does not mean it was bad. If only she did not have that shawl. It's the pose that killing me. She's putting her hand in the pockets of the gown and she has a shawl. It gives an awkward pose. But she looked amazing nonetheless, she has got that effortless hair to a tee.
 Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere - ELEGANZA EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! yaaaaassss!!!! This bitch served immaculate couture. The consensus was she should've worn this to the MET Gala because it looked like it was inspired by Charles James. I think so too. But I think this is what happened, Frida showed 2 sketches and Anna Wintour (who approves of all looks) chose the gold as this one resembles SJP's Oscar dela Renta dress. But she would've killed it no matter what she wore. Gucci, keep it up on dressing Blake. You have struck gold with her.

So, which one is your favorite? Oh yeah, Blake was shooting a movie and her wardrobe consisted of all Gucci. The movie is Age of Adaline. Can't wait to see it!